AAA to hold its first Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

Whether you're an AAA member, prospective member or interested member of the public, you are cordially invited to attend our first Annual General Meeting.

Each of the positions of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected individually at the meeting.

Also to be elected will be six committee members, who will be appointed to specific roles at the first committee meeting.

If you would like to jopin the AAA Committee, or if you would like to nominate someone else (with their agreement!), please email nominees' names to, by 14 September 2017, with details of any specific responsibility you or they may like to undertake.

Please do help us by ensuring we have a keen and enthusiastic committee to develop and extend further the Association's interests and activities.

Annual General Meeting, Thursday 28 September 2017

  1. Opening remarks/welcome
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of previous EGM
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
  5. Presentation of Chair's Annual Report
  6. Adoption of Annual Report
  7. Presentation of accounts (Treasurer)
  8. Adoption of accounts
  9. Appointment of independent examiner for 2017/18
  10. Election of officers (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) and committee committee members(six posts)
  11. Proposals to be put to the AGM
  12. Any other business
  13. Closing remarks
  14. Join us afterwards for some light refreshments
The Function Room, Nowton Park Café, Nowton Park, Bury Road, Bury St Edmunds, IP29 5LU