AAA launches its winter programme


As the summer draws to its end, astronomers everywhere start to grow excited at the prospect of long, dark, winter nights of observing.

Of course, dark skies aren't always clear, so in addition to (hopefully) lots of observing, we will also be running a winter programme during our fortnightly meetings in Nowton Park.

As well as planning and hosting two of our ever-popular Star Parties in the park, we will be arranging a social event and checking out a potential new dark-sky site at West Stow.

If you're thinking of becoming a member, why not come along and join us this winter? Your first two sessions will be free of charge, and if you decide it's not for you, then there's no obligation to stay.

2017 Winter Programme

12 October
  1. What's in the night sky
  2. Hertz Sprung-Russell diagram and how it is used to classify stars according to their luminosity, type, colour, temperature and evolutionary stage.
  3. What's topical in astronomy
26 October
  • Star Party run-through
27 October
  • Star Party 1 (set-up 3.30pm, main event 7-10pm)
28 October
  • Star Party 2 (set-up 6pm, main event 7-10pm, clear-up from 10pm)
9 November
  • Visit to West Stow
23 November
  • Programme to be announced
7 December
  • Social event
21 December
  • Christmas recess
4 January
  • Programme to be announced