About us - committee

The AAA is run by a committee of volunteers appointed at our first Annual General Meeting, on 28 September 2017.

Our constitution was ratified at our first general meeting on 2 February 2018.

Committee members

Mike Kirkham

Mike Kirkham, Chair


Linda Harper

Linda Harper, AAA Secretary

Committee Secretary

Nigel Bond

Nigel Bond, Members' Programme

Members' Programme

Peter Corbett

Peter Corbett, Treasurer/Membership

Treasurer & Membership

Joan Brame

Joan Brame, Membership Support

Membership Support

Lloyd Hughes

Lloyd Hughes, Committee Member

Committee Member

Lillias Haye

Lillias Haye, Committee Member

Committee Member

Nigel Osborne

Nigel Osborne, Resources


Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce, Digital & Technical

Digital & Technical


Dr Richard Young

Dr Richard Young, Founder


Mark Proctor

Mark Proctor, Webmaster/Social Media

Website & Safeguarding

Committee meeting notes